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Dear Tang Soo Do Practitioner,

I hope this letter find you and your family all in good health.

I would like to take this time to thank some of you for purchasing my first book, "The Tang Soo Do Workbook" or its revised edition, "The Martial Arts Workbook". I am quite happy to say that this book has been a great success. Many schools now use this book as a training aid for their students as well as our tape series, " From White Belt to Black Belt". This tape series and now a DVD series consists of nine videos or 7 DVD's sells for $180.00. School owners purchase this video series to place in their school in this way their students may rent a tape for their particular rank. We get such a positive feedback from school owners that say our videos have helped to keep their students current and at the same time have brought extra money into the school. Our success with these two products have prompted me to write another book called, "The Tang Soo Do Forms Workbook". School owners, I am sure you will find this book to be a useful tool in your school and on your quest for black belt excellence for each of your students. This book retails for $45.95 and will be available in November of 2000 for shipping. I would like to offer the Tang Soo Do Forms Workbook to you along with a special deal. If you order this book before January 2001, I will also include video tape #one, White Belt to Orange Belt. A $30 value, I will also include a 20 % discount coupon you may use for the upcoming holidays. This coupon may be applied to the remainder of the videotape series White Belt to Black Belt. For all School owner and Organizations buying in quantity, please call 561-482-9049 and ask for Master Ron Tramontano for special pricing.

What's inside the Tang Soo Do Forms Workbook?

History and Terminology, Basic Forms 1, 2 and 3, Pyung Ahn Forms one through five, Basahee, Naihan Ji Cho Dan and Naihan Ji E Dan.

What's inside the Tang Soo Do Workbook?

18 Combinations, Choke Holds, Ground Work, Push Techniques, Take Downs, Sleeve Grabs, Bong, Knife and Weapons Forms.

What is on the video tapes one through nine?

Each video tape covers the requirements to progress to the next belt level. Lessons such as movement across the floor, required forms for this belt level, combinations, ground techniques, terminology and kicking.


What if I belonged to a different federation?

This is what is great about our style of Tang Soo Do. No matter what federation you belong to the techniques and requirements are the same for this traditional style of martial art. You will always find small differences in technique from one school to another from one instructor to another. However the bulk of the information is the same.

What if I do not belong to a federation?

Then by all means, join ours: www.tman.com/natsdf


 Call Now! 1-800 -Y Tang So 1-800-982-6476

Thank you,


Master Ron Tramontano