Self Defense For Everyone

1,  Awareness:                          Understand this and you will not need the rest

2,  Attitude:                                 A must if you wish to survive Get mad and focused: Do not panic…

3,  Screaming:                           Know what to scream

4,  Playing along:                       Do this until the advantage is yours

5,  Running:                               Make sure you know where to run

6,  Clothing:                               What can you take off to protect yourself?

7,  Weapons:                             What are you carrying with you?

8,  Hands:                                  Best hand Techniques to use

9,  Legs:                                     Best Kicks to use

10,Striking:                                 Best areas to strike

11,Takedowns:                          Two take downs to use

12, Surroundings:                      A multitude of things around you will help to protect yourself

13, Randori:                               You will learn how to fight up to 3 people at the same time

14, Injuries:                                What injuries are dealt with first?

15, Small explosives:                 What to do

16, Guns:                                   Shotguns, Revolvers, Automatics. No guns at the Karate school.

17, Knives:                                 How To Throw, How not to get cut.

18, Stun Guns:                           You will be taught the proper operation.

19, Pepper Spray:                      When and how to use.

What about your children?  Please look at our Cyber Bullying area for tips and classes offered that  address these issues your children may be facing in school.  

Types of Bullying: Verbal, Physical, Racial, Social, Extortion, Sexual, Hazing... are now the newest and most dangerous.

Learning how to protect yourself and the ones you love is an everyday learning process.  Giving your children a positive self image will eliminate all of the above and is what we have done for 24 years.  Please think of us here, at West Boca Karate, for all of your martial arts training.

2 Hours Of Hands On Training Cost: $100  Early Signup $70 Special Pricing for Groups or Clubs  with 10 participants or more. $60 Please Note: This class is HANDS ON and even though everything possible will be done to see to your safety the lesson is designed to take you to extremes.  You MUST be in reasonably good health to participate. Your Choice! CCW ( Carry Concealed Weapons) Class  5 participating adults or more to hold class at West Boca Karate  Self Defense Classes may be scheduled for women's night  out or for co ed groups, must have 10 or more participants. Self Defense