Dear Ron and Linda,

I'm so sorry to hear about the Parkland school. We also are thankful to have you teaching our children and find the weekly lessons invaluable.

Lori and Larry Smith

hi ron,

ok, so rainbow publishers...local there in florida? regarding your diet book for children...if you feel generous enough to send me an autographed copy, i can circulate it in my womens club here...approx 500 women...many expats with kids! i am sure you would get orders! let me know and i will send you my mailing address. you could send via boat or slowest shipping so it does not incur a big cost there.

your background is fascinating...the more i see! i worked a lot with chuck norris in the 90s in dallas....i was an actress (walker texas ranger)and later, producer...we had him on the show i the time, the co-producer was a friend of mine, who is now at abc tv...i can bridge you both if it may help your promotional efforts. i am a public relations person here in spain. i am on a bit of a professional break as i have a 1yr old, but i hope to resume again soon. yes, i have lived in spain about 8yrs....its beautiful here. let me know if you want to venture over and i will arrange some speakings for you (i only want 20%- just joking).

i am wanting to publish my book...looked at self publish route, but want a player. however, with e-commerce, maybe it does not matter?

let´s keep in touch as we may have synergies.



Dear Ronnie;

This is wonderful! Cynthia's synapsis, as you foretold to me, was excellent and I love how it is
presented in've peaked my interest in the ensuing tale of Koda, the new TimeMaster when can I
read that one? Furthermore, I love the software your using and how you are brilliantly wielding it, my
complimments, great mastery...thank you for sharing your evolution to mastery of yet another fabulous Art.
You are a special and spectacular man whom I admire greatly for I aspire to be a Rennasiance man too, I don't
live it as grandly as you yet but you inspire the shit out of me, oh, great Master.

You are yet another great, magical, masterful and fantastic Artist, drenched in excellenceo in multiple
disciplines eminating from the Bronx of New York, which seems to be a proverbial incubator for great
Movie/TV/Video makers, something I believe you could soon be, my friend. My compliments. I'm always
proud to know you, to call you my friend and to admire and applaud your ongoing self actualization and
metamorphisis' as you devour and establish your greatness in yet another Art form. You are on to great
stuff and I love almost being apart of it. I'd love to help you anyway I can.

Someday soon I hope to be able to share some finnished works of my own with you and I can only
hope that it will be half as impressive as the yarns, your wonderful mind can construct. Would you be kind
enough to remind me what the name of the Software, which I know you already showed me, sorry about that,
which you are utilizing in the film construct process. I would be much obliged Sir.

Miss you and Linda and the whole place, hope you guys are great as always. We all send love.

Yours truly,