Dear Master T, thank you for your guidance with our son. We are very grateful to you and your staff and you will see us again. Feel free to use us a reference. We will always enthusiastically recommend your program for more than the karate you teach but the nourishing of the human spirit within our children. Make today the gr8est day ever! Glenn

Re: Ron Tramontano West Boca Karate

Dear Sir or Madam:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ron Tramontano for six years now. During these years of our acquaintance, I have known Ron in many capacities. He has been my Karate Master as well as my son’s. He runs the most amazing and well run Karate school in this area.  What attracted me to his school was first his location, and reputation in the community.  When I witnessed how he was to all the children in his school it made me want to also be apart of the West Boca Karate family. I joined shortly after my son, and I am on the way to Black Belt excellence myself.  My son Jared obtained is Jr. Black Belt at the age of nine and he could not have done this without this excellent school and the caring and support that Master Tramontano has for all his students. For example when a student wins a match he is very conscious to say “WINNER THIS TIME” not winner and looser.  He feels there are no losers and always wants the children to feel good about themselves, even if they do not win this time.  Not only does Ron Tramontano run his school, and business with excellence, he also is very giving and caring to families who are in need. If a student wants to participate and cannot afford it, he tries to find a way to make it work.  This is a very caring and giving man that only wants what best for his students, their families and his family.  Ron always achieves his goals.  He sets a mark and strives to get that mark.  Hard work never scared this man. This man does not fail.  That is and will never be an option.

From a business standpoint I have had dealing with him in regards to his insurance related issues.  I run a large MGA here in Boca Raton and am also currently the President of the Florida Surplus Lines Association. I also am a director on the State appointed board of the Florida Surplus Lines Service office in Tallahassee. In all the business dealings I have had with Ron, he in my opinion always made excellent choices, and has made great decisions in his business practices.  In regards to insurance he always wants to make sure his business was, and is protected properly with no holes in his policies.  His bills are always paid on time with no exceptions.  West Boca Karate will be here for a very long time and this property and the potential for it will be an excellent Icon for this area.  West Boca Karate is a staple in this community and this will only allow it to strive even to the next level.  

I without a doubt recommend Ron Tramontano in any capacity he desires.  I will stake my reputation on that.  If you would like to talk to me about Ron please feel free to give me a call at any time at the number above.  There is only so much you can put in a short letter about this great man.


Steven M Finver


To whom it may concern:

My name is Randy Ostrow & the purpose of this letter is to express how very satisfied our family has been with Mater Ron Tramontano and the entire staff at West Boca Karate during the past several years. Our son, Benjamin has been enrolled in the school since turning three years old. He is now sever and a half years old. His little sister, Jessica who is now almost four also began attending class when she turned three. Both of them love going to the karate school each week and we have found the experience to be beneficial on so many levels for both of the children and also for Lauren (my wife) and me. Should you want to discuss this further, do not hesitate to call me anytime at 561-302-7149.

Thank you,

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