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Prior Students

You are not the only one who has started our martial arts program, then had some event in your life, change your interest, or you just lost focus and wanted to quit. I understand occasionally we have to take a step backwards so that we can take a leap forward.

Think about why you started in the Martial Arts?

What goals did you set for yourself when you first signed up at our school? Everyday we all turn on our televisions and watch the Nightly News. Our world is changing. Ask yourself if those goals you set for yourself are still valid. If not, do you think you need to change them to reflect a more realistic approach to your education and training according to what you are seeing to be world trends?

People's lives Begin when they set goals.


People's lives change for the better when they achieve realistic life changing Goals.

We all need to learn how to protect ourselves and I would be honored if you would allow West Boca Karate and all of our Instructors to oversee your training.

It’s time, call me. I will make this happen for you