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This review is for: West Boca Karate Center


Dear Master Tramontano,

 I just wanted to thank you and your team at West Boca Karate for the phenomenal work you have done with my son. When William first started karate, he was really shy around a group of children and unfortunately was sometimes bullied by other aggressive children. His pediatrician recommended karate to build his stamina, as well as his motor skills, but only if the instructor made it interesting for the children and fun. We researched the different forms or karate and tae kwon do and interviewed several of the Instructors as well as visiting the different classrooms and floors. In speaking with friends, I was given your name by one of your previous students going off to university. After meeting you and your team, William only wanted to go to West Boca Karate.

Your unique style of teaching karate is not only engaging and fun, but has brought about confidence in my son. I believe your virtual competition and video taping of the children teaching others the various karate moves is also building his character and confidence. You have taught him self-confidence, as well as the skills to walk away proudly from any confrontation situation, yet if necessary, stand his ground to defend himself. He is no longer afraid of reading aloud or standing up in front of a group to express his feelings. He was also recognized by his teacher at school for his much improved confidence in reading and becoming a leader in the classroom. This is very important in the building a child’s self-esteem and character.

Actually at his last karate lesson to my surprise, when asked if anyone had any more announcements, he stood up and proudly proclaimed “I love taking karate” in front of all of his classmates and their families. He looks forward to his weekly lesions as well as your mentorship. You are shaping the mind and bodies of future generation. Thank you!



To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I am able to write this letter in reference to individuals I have had a business relationship with since my son walked into their West Boca Karate studio in 2000. Ron & Linda Tramontano are the apatimy of what small business is all about. I have had many opportunities to work with the Tramontanos on a personal level with my son, who achieved his junior black belt through West Boca Karate but also through my community involvement. As a voting member of the School Advisory Council and an executive board member for 3 years with Waters Edge Elementary, I had plenty of opportunity to see first hand how much the Tramontanos give back to the community. I came from a big city in New York, where everyone knew the local business owner and they knew you by your first name. When I moved down to Florida that same experience was nowhere to be found.until I met Ron and Linda. I have since gone on to sit on the board of Directors for the West Boca Chamber of Commerce as well as being the President of the Boca Winds homeowner Association representing 801 homes and like wine theTramontanos have just gotten better with time .

At the end of the day, I always know I can depend on Ron & Linda to step up to the plate, even when there was nothing for them to gain monetarily. They are awesome individuals and two people I am grateful to call my friends!!

Please do not ever hesitate to call on me for anything that could help aid in keeping alive the small mom n pop businesses that truly make up the backbone of our society. There is simply nothing more important than individuals like the Tramontanos who have given so much to our community.

Steve Rubin
President Boca Winds HOA
Board member West Boca Chamber of Commerce

I am forever in debt to Master T

CSMobileUser2 4 West Boca Karate Ctr

I started training With Master T in 1990. I was shy scared and worst of all I was a victim. When Master T started teaching me I wanted to quit. My parents (thankfully) saw the value in what I was becoming. While I had two parents my father wasn't able to be home enough to teach me how to become a MAN, that is where Master T stepped in. He gave me common ground to make friends, a place where I always have and always will feel welcomed, and most important a family that 19 years later I still comunicate with. In 2000 I joined the West Boca Karate teaching staff Master T has shown me how to teach and run a sucessful business. In 2003 I started teaching for Chuck Norris until I left in 2007 to open my own school. White Tiger Martial Arts in Houston Texas. I trust Master T 1,000,000% his intentions are good his love for helping children is amazing. If I lived in Florida I would trust him with my own daughter (age 3) without a doubt.

Thank you Master T!

"Hi Master T and Linda! I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how Thankful and Grateful we are for you. There are people who make a difference in our lives, and we seldom take the time to tell..." more »

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