For all students that attend the Thursday 5:45 pm and Saturday 11:45 am Virtual Classes, your videos can be found here: West Boca Karate has created a YouTube account for our members. All video created for students in our Virtual Classes will be uploaded to our YouTube account. Here is your Login Information: and the Password is “11435abc”.

At present, there are two tournament websites schools may compete on:

School Owners Website: In house tournament (meaning you are competing against your classmates. 2 tournaments a month).

Competitor Website: You are competing against other schools (24 tournaments each month).

Once logged in to our YouTube account, you can click to play your video. Copy the URL and bring it to the website of your choice to enter the tournament.

You are also able to download your video to your computer to perform some editing before uploading to the tournament.

Virtual Tournaments
Tell a friend, Thank you. How to get your video to the competition