Yearly Requirements

Each year our students meet tournament requirements by attending one local competition, usually held by West Boca Karate or any approved local area competition. Please report your participation to the office. Also two Virtual tournaments are required on either of these two websites:

 www.virtualmaschoolowners (tournament between only our own students). WBK will post dates of this tournament for all students to participate in. Check tournament calendar for dates. (tournament between WBK and Other Schools).

Requirements can also be accomplished by attending two local tournaments per year.

Parents, please register on the two above mentioned websites. An annual fee of $25 for each website is required. This fee is much less than going to one local tournament after considering, time spent, entry fees, guest fees, food and travel. Once your family is registered, your children and all students will compete by paying half price for their entry fees.

Tell a friend, Thank you.