Master Ron Tramontano
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1st Degree to 2nd degree Black Belt ...DVD all of the requirement for 2nd degree Black Belt (Tang Soo Do).... North American Tang Soo Do Federation

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Once Upon A Masters Time 
Twenty Illustrated Children Stories Of Wisdom

Stories for children and adults alike! Parents, learn to be a story teller. Children love stories and stories that have the right message can be very powerful. Now for the first time, Martial Arts Master, Ron Tramontano, has put together twenty of the most powerful stories ever told by all of the great masters and teachers; stories that have been around for thousands of years. Each of these stories comes fully illustrated to provide a lasting meaning for each and every young reader. Master Tramontano has personally used these stories in his martial arts schools for over twenty three years, instilling family values and respect for people of all ages. It is my sincere wish that the stories presented here can be used as a tool to make a difference in the lives of your students and families. Enjoy!



Martial Arts, isn’t it GREAT!
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